Organic Centaury Herb, c/s (Centaurium erythraea)

Organic Centaury Herb, c/s (Centaurium erythraea)

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Botanical Name: Centaurium erythraea
Common Names: Feverwort, Bitter herb, common centaury, European Centaury
Origin: Croatia

Centaurium erythraea is an annual in the gentian family. Native to Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa, centaury is known for its bitter flavor. Centaury was used in traditional European herbalism for its beneficial qualities and can be found in liqueurs, extracts, and bitters blends. Centaury herb can also be incorporated into botanical infusions or employed topically.

Centaury has an interesting history of uses, and according to legend was named because of the mythical centaur Chironia who cured a poison arrow wound with the herb. Because it is so bitter, the ancient Romans called it the “bile of the earth”.

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