Fuller's Earth Powder - Cosmetic Grade (Magnesium Aluminum Silicate)

Fuller's Earth Powder - Cosmetic Grade (Magnesium Aluminum Silicate)

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Origin: United States
Scientific Name: Magnesium Aluminum Silicate

Fuller’s earth clay is a naturally occurring sedimentary clay with enormous drawing capabilities and considered the top clay for oily skin. It literally draws oil from the skin and has been used industrially for this same purpose. It has been around for quite some time and recent developments in the natural cosmetics and skincare industries have helped to recontextualize this useful clay for more than just cleaning.

In a cosmetic context, it often outperforms other clays to help clean oily skin. This clay is powerful alone, and for best results combine with a small amount of bentonite clay. It is a useful base ingredient for facial mask recipes and adds a nice finishing touch to clay products helpful for balancing complexions.

Fuller’s earth was named several hundred years ago when wool textile workers or “fullers” created a time-saving concoction to remove the dense oils from sheep’s wool. This brew included water, urine, soapwort and this clay. Because of its ability to literally soak up oil and remove dense properties from any given material, it was found to be a highly profitable and useful product for modern manufacturers. Since then, its most prominent use has been as a key ingredient in cat litter. It has also been used by mechanics to soak up oil or other automotive spills and can help remove stubborn stains in clothing.

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